Jesus Daniel Montes
Jesus Daniel Montes

Jesus Daniel Montes, Veronica Ashley Wiist and 2 Juvies Held in Gang Murder of Edgar Ortiz

A Santa Ana Police investigation into the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Edgar Ortiz, who was left to die on the East Chestnut Avenue pavement July 17, has resulted in the arrest of four suspected gang members--two adults and two juveniles.

The identities of the juvies, who are expected to be prosecuted as adults, are currently being withheld. But their alleged partners in murder are boyfriend and girlfriend Jesus Daniel Montes and Veronica Ashley Wiist, both 22.

The four are believed by police to have been in a black SUV that rolled up on Ortiz, who was walking or riding a bike in the 700 block of East Chestnut around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. Someone inside the ride opened fire, and Ortiz was struck once in the upper torso.

Ironically, police officers were nearby, investigating a large fight, when they heard the gunfire and rushed to the scene. They found Ortiz lying in the street, but the SUV was gone.

Edgar Ortiz, OC Homicide No. 27: Shot in Street

Veronica Ashley Wiist
Veronica Ashley Wiist

Cops aren't saying what specifically led them to the four suspects, although the working motive is they belong to a rival gang of Ortiz's. The handgun used to kill the teen was recovered, according to the Santa Ana Police Department.

It is believed Montes was the shooter and Wiist was the driver, but everyone suspected of having been in the SUV is currently being held on suspicion of murder with gang sentencing enhancements.

This is classified as Santa Ana's fourth gang murder of 2012.

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