Jesse Ruiz, American-Born Former Santa Ana College Wrestler, Qualifies for the 2012 Olympics...for Mexico

Ruiz (at right): Wonder if he has a "Reconquista" finishing move?
Ruiz (at right): Wonder if he has a "Reconquista" finishing move?

This story's going to get the Know Nothings happy: Jesse Ruiz, an American-born wrestler from SanTana who attended school at Valley High School and Santa Ana College, a former collegiate champion who's currently a volunteer assistant at The Citadel, made the 2012 Olympics...for Mexico

Ruiz qualified this past Sunday at the FILA Pan American Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Florida, where he finished second in his class and thus made it.

The sound you heard was Barbara Coe choking on her cigarette.

Here's an interview right after his victory:

Congrats! Unanswered, though is why he's representing Mexico in the first place instead of the ol' USA...anyhoo, expect Ruiz to get a lot of press 'round here come Olympics time...and the Reconquista continues!

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