Jerry Hayden, 46th Congressional District Candidate, Truly Believes He Can Beat Loretta Sanchez in November

As the Republican candidate for the 46th Congressional District, Jerry Hayden is hoping to "retire" Rep. Loretta Sanchez from her 16-year long post. 

Hayden, who has no political experience, touts his credentials as a financial and investment strategist for over 20 years--but his campaign is nearly bankrupt. 

Sanchez has spent over a half million dollars on her campaign, with another million cash on hand. Hayden has spent $57,657 with only $12,596 cash available with a little over a month and half until the election.

Hayden, who describes himself on his website as not a "career politician," says money won't stop him from running a tough campaign.

"I think we have a very good shot," he says. "Is it going to be easy? No. She's won eight times in a row. So she's a formidable candidate and she knows how to run. But I think people are ready for a change." 

Latinos make up 41 percent of registered voters in the newly carved district, which includes most of Santa Ana, parts of Garden Grove, Anaheim, Westminster and Fullerton.  

As to why he thinks he can boot out Rep. Sanchez from her long-held seat in Congress, Hayden says a poll was conducted showing she is falling behind him. 

The poll, done by conservative think tank Probolsky Research, purportedly shows Hayden ahead of Sanchez. The group surveyed over 500 people, representing .2% of the registered voters in the district. 

"If the election were held today, Jerry Hayden would defeat Loretta Sanchez 28.6% to 26.9%, and people are still learning about Hayden. This is bad news for Sanchez," Hayden's campaign manager Jeff Corless wrote in a press release last week.

(Of course, these numbers are grossly spun--what about the rest of the voters in the district, the vast majority who'll probably vote for the incumbent like they always do?)

So what has Rep. Sanchez failed to do that Hayden thinks he can do better?

He says Sanchez had missed opportunities to help out her district when she voted for the stimulus bill, in which he says, "no new jobs were created, state employees kept their jobs because they are the ones who give money to the Democratic party."

People kept their jobs, so therefore Sanchez...failed? Why yes! 

But then Hayden turns around in the same interview to tell people with low-paying dead-end jobs that a "job is a job" and maybe, just maybe, if you hang in there long enough, you can get a job with a living wage!

Although this completely ignores the reality of stagnant wages for many industrial warehouse and small business office workers in his district, I continued on with the interview, asking Hayden about what he is going to do about the 10 percent of Californians who don't have a job? 

Like any good Republican folk, he says deregulation is the starting point.

"If you look at the reasons there are high unemployment in California...California is right near at the bottom of the worst places to do business," Hayden says. "There are too many loopholes and regulations to go through to start a new business."

So, with all of the campaign money Sanchez still has on hand compared to Hayden, does he really expect he will win, especially given Sanchez has slaughtered every opponent the Republicans have thrown her way since bitter, defeated ex-congressman Bob Dornan?

"People know who she [Sanchez] is but they're not happy, and she can't change that with money," he says. "She can run ads and she can buy billboards and send out fliers. But they know that they don't have a job or their neighbor doesn't have a job....there's a real pent up dislike of the fact she hasn't succeeded for them."

After I graciously allowed Hayden to be interviewed by our infernal rag, I looked at the time and the interview was a little over 20 minutes, which was longer than I expected.
Hayden's response?  "It's not my fault your questions are long-winded." 


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