We were heartened on Dec. 29 that after four months of ignoring our interview requests Lit guitarist Jeremy Popoff called the Weekly to comment on his Slidebar's possible inadvertent role in the Kelly Thomas killing

Besides reversing his previous, retaliatory order banning me from the downtown Fullerton watering hole, a sincere-seeming Popoff responded to claims that one of his bar employees made the call to police resulting in the death of the Thomas at the hands of meathead cops.

In his message, Popoff definitively claimed the information provided to the Weekly by multiple sources is not true.

Jeremy Popoff Flip Flops On Prior Kelly Thomas Killing Statements

Though he delivered his statement to a voicemail inbox, rather than in a person-to-person interview, we were elated to finally have something on record about that night.

After the message, we published Popoff's unambiguous denial of the Slidebar's ties to a pre-killing phone call to police as well as his refusal to allow us to ask a single question about his statement.

HERE is that story.

But yesterday we obtained a screenshot of Popoff's Facebook page, where he made two assertions that are flatly contradicted by his voicemail message: that he hasn't avoided our calls and that we'd committed journalistic malpractice by "twisting [his] words."

He also boldly--oddly?--encouraged me to masturbate rather than try to trying to ask him questions.

Below, after a screenshot of Popoff's Facebook postings, is an audio clip of his Weekly message, which matches our report but not his spin:
Jeremy Popoff Flip Flops On Prior Kelly Thomas Killing Statements

Why is Popoff apparently unable to stick to one, consistent story about a pre-Thomas killing phone call from Slidebar?

(R. Scott Moxley contributed to this report.)


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