Jenna Jameson's Vagina Stolen!

Horny males across Orange County are weeping with news that a man made off with a vibrating plastic replica of porn star Jenna Jameson's vagina (retail price: $250) from Fullerton's Erogenous Zone on April 15.

Respectable news organizations only opaquely refer to what exactly did the booty bandit pilfer, but we're not one of them! Click after the jump for the stolen goods.

WARNING: This is done only to help the Fullerton Police Department recover said stolen goods and is in no way an endorsement of Jameson (pictured here with boyfriend and Huntington Beach UFW legend Tito Ortiz)--we're more of a Gianna Michaels type of guy, anyway.

Anyone who comes across this should call the Fullerton Police department at (714) 738-6800 and is urged to handle the contraband with gloves.


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