Jenna Jameson Must Produce a lot of Bones; $92,000 Judgment in Zombie Strippers Suit

On Halloween we told you how Jenna Jameson lost her Zombie Strippers lawsuit.

DuPont County, Illinois, Judge Patrick Leston provided the real scare today, ordering the retired porn goddess-turned-Huntington Harbour mom to pay $92,000 in damages.

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Illinois cinema-chain owner Ted Bulthaup had a deal to pay Jameson $10,000, pick up her first-class airfare and give her other perks for promoting her memoir and movie Zombie Strippers in March 2011 at two of his locations. Jameson's reps called the day of the first appearance to say she was sick and bedridden, however.

Bulthaup sued for lost revenues from the cancelled events after photographs were distributed online showing Jameson partying at Perez Hilton's birthday bash when she was supposed to be home sick. A default judgment was issued against Jameson when she did not show up to a first hearing, but when the damages were to be set at the follow-up hearing, Jameson's lawyer showed up, denied the allegations, filed a counter claim and won a new court date.

That attorney has since quit representing Jameson, and another reported no-show in court produced another judgment against her by Leston, who again had no one at the defense table looking back at him today.

Poor Jenna, if she's strapped for cash one prays she can come up with some way to make fast money.

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