Jenna Jameson Good Day New York TV Appearance Won't Help Her Custody Case

Is this any way to get custody of the twin sons Tito Ortiz is raising in Huntington Beach.

Jenna Jameson ended a week of bad personal news by appearing on Good Day New York Monday morning to promote her new novel Sugar, but the interview was apparently cut short because producers thought the ex-porn queen seemed intoxicated.

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No one from the show has publicly confirmed by name the segment was cut short and the reason was Jameson's slurry, out-of-it demeanor, but that's what gossip sites like TMZ are reporting and news services like UPI are picking up.

Watch for yourself:

New York News

A coupla observations:

* After years of seeing Greg Scott ridiculed as an ding-anchor-bat on E!'s The Soup, he comes off quite well here.

* Having seen her interviewed elsewhere recently, the tamest conclusion you can reach is Jameson was awakened from a long sleep moments before her segment went live. It certainly does not help she was found guilty to driving under the influence of prescription drugs in Orange County last year after she crashed her car into a light pole and that "Bad Boy of Huntington Beach" Ortiz claims he got custody of the kids due to her alleged OxyContin addiction (that Jenna denies).

* She needs a new lip gloss. That one looks like her lips are covered in ... uh ... icing.

Jameson has also reportedly been late to some other Sugar interviews, and this latest dust-up comes after the disclosure that the Hollywood Hills mansion she purchased in 2006 for $2.7 million was just sold off at a foreclosure auction for $1.85 million.

Leaving a New York hotel Tuesday, Jameson seemed more lucid as she denied her interview the day before was cut short:

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