Jenna Jameson Faces Suit, Tito Ortiz Loses His

A theater owner is suing Jenna Jameson for allegedly faking an illness to get out of a series of Chicago-area personal appearances to promote her movie Zombie Strippers!

Meanwhile, the retired porn star's off-and-on-and-off-again boyfriend/baby daddy Tito Ortiz, known around MMA circles as the "Huntington Beach Bad Boy," has apparently done some stripping himself, at least based on a nudie sweeping the Interwebs.

Theater owner Ted Bulthaup recently filed the suit in DuPage County Circuit Court in Wheaton, Illinois, that claims Jameson (real name Jenna Marie Massoli) reneged on an agreement to make paid personal appearances at his theaters March 24-26. More than $50,000 in damages are being sought.

Top billing for former Freddy Krueger and Laguna Beach resident Robert Englund.
Top billing for former Freddy Krueger and Laguna Beach resident Robert Englund.

The theater owner claims hundreds of advance tickets were sold, Jameson and her entourage were paid, and thousands were spent to advertise her appearances. But he day before Jameson was supposed to touch down in the Windy City, her agent disclosed a "medical emergency" would prevent her from attending, according to the litigation.

But "on the very evening" Jameson had been scheduled to be singing books and posters at a Bulthaup theater, she was partying at "Perez's Blue Ball," celebrity disher Perez Hilton's birthday party in LA, claims the suit. And, based on photos posted on Hilton's widely consumed website, Jameson didn't look sick. "She looked extremely happy, and was partying the night away in her blue dress," Bulthaup tells the Chicago Sun-Times.

Hey, Tito, where's your Speedo?
Hey, Tito, where's your Speedo?

He reports that Jameson was served with court papers at her Huntington Beach home on May 24, but only "after extensive and extended efforts at not answering the door" to accept papers from a process server. An Aug. 15 preliminary hearing is set.

By then Jameson should be over the shock--SHOCK!--over her former main man's snapshot in the buff. It was sent through Ortiz's Twitter account on Thursday, but the fighter in training for an upcoming UFC bout later tweeted, "Someone hack my f--king phone."

The photo and his explanation were later deleted from his account's feed, and Ortiz went on tweeting as if nothing happened. But it was too late to stop gremlins from acquiring and posting the original (carefully cropped at right).


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