Jason "Mayhem" Miller has become the Shia LaBeouf of mixed martial arts.
Jason "Mayhem" Miller has become the Shia LaBeouf of mixed martial arts.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller Needs $2 Million for His Dog, Lawyers, Home Repairs and "Art"

The best soap opera is not on television but is emanating from Jason "Mayhem" Miller's home in Mission Viejo, where the former MMA fighter who live-tweeted during a standoff with SWAT officers there on Oct. 9 has now tweeted that he is seeking $2 million in crowdfunding to "reinvest" in his "art."

Jason "Mayhem" Miller Pleads Not Guilty to Causing Mayhem in Standoff with Deputies

The "art" of "mayhem-making," perhaps?

In August 2011, Miller was arrested in North Carolina after allegedly putting his sister in a headlock and refusing to let her go when she wanted to leave a house party.

Orange County deputies arrested Miller on Aug. 13, 2012, after he was found naked on the couch of a Mission Viejo church near his home that had just been vandalized. The charges were dropped after Mission Hills Church pastor Brian Anderson came forward in Miller's defense.

On Sept. 9, 2013, the retired UFC grappler was taken into custody and later released on bond for allegedly violating a "stay away" order from his ex-girlfriend. During a court hearing that followed, the judge scolded Mayhem for making faces and nodding his head in every direction. The fighter apologized, explaining he is "an expressive person" and that he's "an artist."

See what I mean?

It was the domestic violence and felony stalking case involving that same woman--known to the court as Ana Pricilla but to Mayhem as Anna Stable--that led sheriff's deputies to go to his home in the 26000 block of Avenida Calidad on Oct. 9 and serve an arrest warrant. But Mayhem ran back into his home and refused to come back out. With Johnny Law surrounding the place, Miller took to Twitter to invite his fans over and to lash out at deputies and his ex-.

"They threw a phone box threw a plate glass window," the tortured artist tweeted just before deputies swarmed in and he gave up. "Disrespect. I would like to give up, but not with 50 RAMBOS out there. Not cool."

For the two latest cases, Miller faces felony domestic violence, stalking, violation of a court order and obstructing/delaying a peace officer. So, besides his art, he could use some help paying his lawyers, which could explain this recent tweet:

Jason "Mayhem" Miller Needs $2 Million for His Dog, Lawyers, Home Repairs and "Art"

That was actually one of about a dozen tweets Mayhem posted in a flurry that has not been seen since ... well ... Oct. 9, from inside his residential art studio. Which, by the way, sustained damage in SWAT standoff, according to the artist. Included was a hole in a gate that his dog Gator escaped out of; did Mayhem mention that he needs $400 to get the pooch back from the pound?

Why yes he did, via Twitter and his GoFundMe page that he calls the #FreeGator Mayhem Campaign.

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