Janky Toes [Hey, You!]
Bob Aul

Janky Toes [Hey, You!]

You were at the nail salon on New Year's Eve getting your janky toes done. Everything that came out of your mouth was rude. "I don't think you painted the toe next to my pinkie toe well. Can you redo it?" you asked with straight sass. The nail lady did as you asked, but then you asked her to redo it again because you didn't like the way it looked. On top of that, when you went to pay, you were pissed at the amount they charged and made a huge scene. You threw your wallet on the ground like a 5-year-old and told the woman who did your toes that you couldn't understand her because she spoke "bad English." I honestly hope mushrooms and mold grow on your feet and people make you feel bad about it. You deserve it.

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