Jane Magazine To Cease Publication

This is such sad news.

Announced earlier today, Jane magazine will end as we know it with next month's issue.

At just under 10 years old, Jane was a fashion/beauty magazine with a spunky attitude unseen in larger publications. It was beautiful, but not in an intimidating, ultra-glam way like Vogue and Cosmo are. (I love you, Vogue, but I'm just hurt right now.)

They put quirky girls such as Zooey Deschanel on the cover and documented pranks pulled in public restrooms. They asked Rufus Wainwright where the craziest place he's had sex was. Sarah DiMuro wrote a column about being a virgin at 30. "My Parents Made Me Sell Acid at School" was a feature article. Jane girls were a breed all their own, and that's why we loved it. Publisher Conde Nast, on the other hand? Not so impressed.

President and CEO of Conde Nast publications, Charles Townsend, gave this statement: "This was a very difficult decision for us; we worked diligently to make Jane a success. However, we have come to believe that the magazine and website will not fulfill our long-term business expectations."

We'll miss you, Jane! Xoxo.


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