Jan Meslin and Lee Marie Sanchez, Local Unitarian-Universalist Activists, To Appear in Phoenix Court for Anti-SB1070 Protest

After the Catholic Worker, my favorite batch of religious folks are the various Unitarian-Universalist (UU) congregations in Orange County. I've spoken at the Fellowship at Laguna Beach, will speak at Tapestry in Mission Viejo next weekend, and have long-haunted the Anaheim congregation. They are about as progressive as religious folks can get, welcoming LGBT, illegals--basically anyone on the right side of morality.

As proof of that, Anaheim UU Consulting Minister Lee Marie Sanchez and Tapestry congregant Jan Meslin were arrested last summer in Arizona during an anti-SB 1070 protest.

Next Friday, they return to the land of Arpayaso for a court hearing to face charges. Our prayers are with them...


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