James Arroyo, Orange County Jail Cook, Popped for Allegedly Copping Feel of Female Inmate's Boobs

Orange County Jail cook

James Arroyo

was arrested for allegedly touching the breasts of a female inmate.

The woman, whom 54-year-old Arroyo was supervising in the Intake/Release Center kitchen Monday, reached up for something on a top pantry shelf when the cook is said to have moved in for a feel.

Further investigation revealed the six-year Orange County Sheriff's Department employee allegedly had photos of female inmates on his cell phone, kept in contact with some who'd been released and put money in the accounts of women behind bars at the jail at 550 N. Flower St., Santa Ana.

Arroyo was booked on suspicion of sexual battery and released after posting bail. The sheriff's office has also placed him on administrative leave.

The worst part of this sad tale is melons are not in season.


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