Jaime Soto, Former Orange Bishop/Current Bishop of Diocese of Sacramento, Finally A Pedo-Priest Foe?

The big news in Catholic Sacramento this week was the arrest of Father Uriel Ojeda, a priest in the Diocese of Sacramento, for multiple molestations of a 14-year-old girl. The arrest drew all sorts of shocked comments, none more maudlin than the ones uttered by Bishop Jaime Soto (right), the Orange County native who long served as a bishop in the Orange diocese.

""For people who work very, very hard to earn trust, it takes our breath away," Soto told the Sacramento Bee. "It's devastating." 

To paraphrase Louise Jefferson, "Padre, please."

Soto, of course, made a career for himself here in la naranja publicly by being the most-Aztlanista cleric this side of Roger Cardinal Mahony and privately by toeing the Orange diocese's pedo-protecting line throughout his career, writing letters in support of them (Andrew Christian Andersen), or never bothering to tell cops his superiors squirreled one away in TJ (Eleuterio Ramos). You can learn more about Soto's past here, but this time in Sacramento, Soto has seemingly found out that, you know, the law requires people to turn in pedophile priests: he called the authorities upon learning of Ojeda's grubby hands AND placed him on leave...wait, why doesn't he just fire the fucker? Because, again, Soto toes the pedo-priest line that his superiors established long ago--heckuva job, Brownie!


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