Jaime Robert Galvez, Sheriff's Community Service Officer, Cops to Threats to Jailed Ex-

An Orange County Sheriff's community service officer pleaded guilty today to violating a domestic violence protective order by making negative and threatening comments over the phone to a female inmate with whom he'd had a romantic relationship. Since she was in jail, all the threatening calls were recorded, as any good OCSD employee should have realized. Makes one wonders if they ever Wonderlic'd Jaime Robert Galvez. The Santa Ana 42-year-old was sentenced to 45 days of Caltrans work, a year in a batterers treatment program and three years of informal probation after copping to two misdemeanor counts of violating a protective order.

Galvez is also the subject of a whole new protective order barring him from negative contact with the woman. The previous order was issued in June 2010 in Riverside County, where Galvez had been convicted of making criminal threats against her. At that time, Galvez was barred from making any negative contact with his former lover for three years.

The unidentified woman was arrested for robbery and booked into Orange County Jail in March 2011. While behind bars, she repeatedly called Galvez's home and asked to speak with him. Twice in April of that year, Galvez violated the protective order by using profane language and using degrading names for the woman while speaking with her on the phone.

She reported the calls to deputies assigned to the jail--wouldn't be surprising if they had been listening all along--and that led to an investigation that resulted in the charges Galvez pleaded guilty to today.

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