Bigham man on campus
Bigham man on campus

Jacob Bigham, Who Exposed Rigged Troy High Student Body Election, Reinstated as V.P.

When Jacob Bigham hacked into the Troy High School database in April to confirm suspicions student-government adviser Jenny Redmond rigged the election for 2012-13 student officers, it was a bittersweet victory.

The snooping reinstated Ryan Daliwal as the rightful student body president, but it also led his fellow senior who did the snooping to be suspended and removed as vice president.

Fortunately, school district officials have had a change of heart.

The Fullerton Joint Union High School District has announced that Bigham will be the student body vice president when classes begin Monday.

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The district also explains in the following statement from Superintendent George Giokaris' office why "multiple" Troy High staffers are "under review" for the vot-rigging:

Site administration did not respond in a timely manner to the failure of specific staff members to appropriately oversee the election process or to the staff member responsible for changing the election results.

This delayed response sent an inaccurate message to the students and the larger community that the district condoned the changing of the election results; in no way does the district condone the changing of election results or the failure to oversee the election process as articulated in the constitution of the student body.

Citing employee confidentiality, the district is not naming the actual staffers under review. Redmond stepped down as the student government adviser when the last school year ended in June, but she remains on campus full-time as a special education teacher.

For his part, Bigham served a five-day suspension.

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