Jacko and Freedom CEO Flanders: Just Beat It

Not sure which stage of grief this falls under, but as the initial reports of Michael Jackson's death were coming out, what are assumed to be Orange County Register and/or Freedom Communications insiders were linking the King of Pop's departure from Earth with Freedom CEO Scott Flanders' departure for the CEO post at Playboy Enterprises. This all played out in the comments section of this OC Register Death Watch post on Navel Gazing:

Just Beat It at 6:13 p.m. Thursday: A story just crossing the wires out of West Hollywood states that Michael Jackson misinterpreted a statement made by Scott Flanders said off the record during the Folio interview that he welcomed the challenge of leading the King of Pop (who we all know as Hugh Hefner to his many blond girlfriends in the mansion Grotto community). Michael took that comment to believe that Flanders was about to screw up his gig. He knew if the black thumb of Flanders was going to manage him, he'd might as well check out sooner rather than later. Rest in Peace, Michael. At least you died fast. Working with Flanders would have been a slow miserable death.

Tito Jackson
at 7:42 p.m.:

As Scotty says on the company website....its about transformation.


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