It's So Funny Because It Just Happened

So on our home page right as this is ejaculated out, there is one of those flashy Google ads that seemingly scans the page it's on for keywords and then searches its massive database for related advertising links. I don't know if Google pays a premium to have that amazing feature on our site, or if it's just something we're using as a space filler. What do you want from us? We've got a sweeping second hand between our legs?

We bring this up because just as we were scanning the home page, we noticed the last ad in the Google box was for Mike Carona's campaign to win a third term as Orange County's sheriff. We find this amusing for two reasons: A) Sheriff Opie is probably paying a premium to Matt Jubal Cunningham Baugh or whatever the hell he calls himself at OC Blog; and, 2) The copy on our home page from which this ad was electronically formed were these headlines:

"Dirty, Stupid or Both" Never mind the photo: Sheriff Carona denies Mafia ties


"This Is Unacceptable Behavior" Web Exclusive! Veteran cop calls on sheriff to resign after mob ties documented

But you know what they say: as long as they spell your name right, it's all good...


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