It's a Quick Read 7

Orange County Register: Danger on Mexican streets will force captains and crews in the annual Newport Beach to Ensenada yacht race to remain on their ships. But who'll get ripped off by the Hussong's mariachis? . . . I went to a Laguna Woods Village board meeting and a UFC Smackdown broke out. . . . Sounds like a certain granny needs to put down the water bottle and grab a certain medicinal herb. While you can draw sanctions for traveling 20 mph the wrong direction in the fast lane leaving Laguna Woods, the DMV does now say it won't pull the driving licenses of medical-marijuana users. Coming next: black-light eye charts. . . . The 43rd annual Patriots Day Parade descends on downtown Laguna Beach on Saturday, and judging by the Reg's promotional photo, you'd better get down there before there are no more patriots to watch parading. Whoa, who just tossed that red, white and blue water bottle at me? . . . Speaking of patriots, Mickadeit's is bigger than Jim Gilchrist's. Allegedly.

Los Angeles Times: There is only one new Orange County story when you click the O.C. tab on the online California page. Sigh. Christine Hanley's piece is about the capture of an ex-Santa Ana gang member who broke out of juvie in 1990. (The Register had it first. Double-sigh.) . . . Craigslist is getting sued for its sex ads. How about suing 'em for destroying print media's classified ad business? . . . Helene Elliott: "The Ducks' trades said they want to make the playoffs now. If they miss, which is likely, they have restocked enough talent and promise to rightly feel optimistic. They don't have to rebuild from the ground up." So we've got that going for us, which is nice.


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