It's a Quick Read 6

Orange County Register: Mickadeit: He peels off a classic on the squabble between Donna Crean's kids over her fate. . . . Did you feel the window-rattling jolt about 9:15 last night? I did. I figured it was a small earthquake, although it was very quick, like a sonic boom. It violently shook my back patio sliding glass window for about half a second. Hundreds of people all across Orange County experienced this also--and they informed "Science Dude" Gary Robbins, who checked and ruled out an earthquake, a weather event, a passing asteroid and a space shuttle landing. Camp Pendleton was firing off explosives Tuesday, but if felt at all it would have been strongest in the very southern part of the county, and a base official who lives in San Clemente told Robbins he didn't feel anything. Weird. Again, for the second straight day, it must be asked: What did you gays do to piss off God now? . . .  Perhaps the answer is their being at the center of a cop's discrimination lawsuit against Newport Beach PD, which did not go well for the officer Tuesday. . . . Or the whole Prop. 8 thing. . . . Or this.

Los Angeles Times: With the new housing industry reeling, thieves have taken to breaking into abandoned developments and ripping out copper and other materials they can re-sell. Among the companies whose ghost towns are being victimized is Miami-based developer Lennar Corp., not at Irvine's Great Park but the "Platinum Triangle" near Anaheim Stadium, and Irvine-based SunCal Cos., which has stalled projects in Oakland, Sacramento and San Clemente. . . . . STOP THE PRESSES! A mysterious middle-aged woman has scammed two Newport Beach clinics out of Botox treatments. . . . DON'T FIRE UP THOSE PRESSES YET! "Actress" Tawny Kitaen, who probably knows her way around a Botox needle (hmmm...), has listed her Newport Beach home at $3.45 million.  


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