It's a Quick Read 5

Orange County Register: Four earthquakes have shook North Orange County in a week. Jeez, gay people, what have you done to piss off God now? . . . OC banruptcies jumped 57 percent in January. So you've got to love Southern California Edison's timing in these fucked-up financial times: included from yet another rate increase is $100 million set aside for bonuses to top execs and employees. . . . Mano-a-Nano: a group of young men beat, stabbed and robbed a man of his iPod in Santa Ana Monday night. . . . Joan Irvine Smith, the granddaughter of Irvine Co. founder James Irvine, and Donald Bren, chairman of the Irvine Co., are among the Times of London's list of the world's top 100 "eco-barons"--members of the filthy rich who spend their dollars on green projects. Here's what I love: I've contacted the Irvine Co. more times than I can remember over the years trying to get a comment from Bren on the company's assorted misdeeds, but he never replies. But call him an eco-baron and you get shit outta his mouth like this: "Irvine Company takes its commitment to the environment very seriously, and it is always an honor to have that commitment recognized." I'll save that for the next time Pelican Hill craps in the ocean. 

Los Angeles Times: Assemblywoman Diane Harkey (R-Dana Point) accepted more than $16,000 in campaign contributions from real estate developers who borrowed money from her husband's company--and the now Chris Cox-less Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating. . . . Dean Grose not only stepped down as mayor of Los Alamitos but resigned from the City Council over the furor caused by his having forwarded an email around town with a doctored photo of the White House with a watermelon patch where a garden should be. . . . Ducks GM Brian Murray says he won't trade Scott Niedermayer, citing "the respect factor. I don't think he should go play somewhere else if this is his last year." Murray also indicated he'll likely keep another fan favorite, Chris Pronger.


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