It's a Quick Read 39: Flash Mountain is Back Edition

Orange County Register: This just in: No swine flu in OC yet. (Although there is at least one diseased swine.) . . . We've got us a quake swarm, a tropical quake storm. . . . OC Fire Authority defense of $28 million in overtime for firefighters creates a firestorm among 358 Reg online commenters (since Friday). . . . $1.35 million "great starter home" sold in Huntington Beach. . . . HEY, RUMMY! STOP SHOOTING MY HOUSE!! . . . Disneyland is eliminating the position that monitors photos automatically shot of riders descending Splash Mountain. The photo editor would safeguard innocent eyes from publicly displayed pictures of female log riders baring their boobies. So, Flash Mountain in back, ladies! . . . Lansner: OC building supply jobs hit 10-year low.

Los Angeles Times: BREAKING NEWS SHOCKER!!! A yacht-race war breaks out in Newport Beach. . . . Internet daters? You is racist: UCI study. . . . San Diego chip maker Qualcomm will pay Irvine-based Broadcom $891 million over four years to settle a patent dispute. . . . A task force assembled by Bishop of Orange Tod D. Brown is vowing to keep six struggling parochial schools open. . . . Former auto workers regularly meet in Irvine to network, support one another, share job-finding tips. . . . Vinyl albums are making a comeback.


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