It's a Quick Read 34

Orange County Register: A hushed county awaits the jury verdict in Steve Rocco's trial for alleged ketchup theft. . . . County officials are talking settlement with ex-Sheriff, current-felon Mike Carona's former right-hand man George Jaramillo. . . . Orange County may be among the first in the state to require ignition locks to stem drunken driving. . . . Try the cockroach floating in the dishwater, it's excellent: Restaurants you can't afford--Charlie Palmer at South Coast Plaza and Pescadou Bistro in Newport Beach--are among the latest to receive county health citations . . . . An Irvine company has developed Subtle Butt, an underwear patch that masks farts. Dispensers full of them should be required at Charlie's Chili.

Los Angeles Times: Remember how way back when Dana Rohrabacher introduced Arnold Schwarzenegger in Huntington Beach, where the-then action star formally announced his candidacy for governor? Wonder what the kneeboarding congressman, who blames all society ills on those damn illegals (or at least the ones he doesn't blame on those damn liberals), thinks of this? Ahnuld says undocumented immigrants are not to blame for the financial crisis. . . . Speaking of Rohrabacher, he's among the members of California's congressional delegation seeking federal earmarks. Wonder what Dana's teabagging partners think of that? . . . Speaking of which, the Department of Homeland Security sees right-wing extremists as a threat due to Obama and increased federal spending. . . . Speaking of increased federal spending, California will receive hundreds of millions in stimulus money for water and earthquake needs.   


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