It's a Quick Read 32

It's a Quick Read 32

Orange County Register: Eighth sign of the Apocalypse: Ambulances spontaneously combusting in Fountain Valley. . . . It won't be galloping from four white horses South County residents hear Wednesday and Thursday, but F-18s bombing Camp Pendleton. Don't worry, the Marine base planned it. . . .  Former La Habra resident Melissa Huckaby, 28, could face additional charges of rape and molestation in the murder of a little girl in Tracy. . . . Andrew Thomas Gallo, 22, San Gabriel, cried in court as he faced triple murder charges in the crash that killed Angels rookie Nick Adenhart. . . .  Mickadeit: The jury pool questions need for Steve Rocco's petty theft trial.

Los Angeles Times: Study shows illegal immigration continues to slow in California. . . . State Fair Political Practices Commission chairman Ross Johnson, a former longtime Orange County legislator, says campaign fund-raising laws have so many holes in them candidates for state office collected an average of $344,503 a day. . . . The last of the octuplets arrived at Octo-Mom's La Habra home today. (The Times picked up AP's story on it. Sigh...) . . . Seventies porn star (actually, back then, it would have been porno star) Marilyn Chambers, the one-time Ivory Snow detergent model who made her X-rated debut in Behind the Green Door, dies at 56. . . . To you fans who thought the Angels should take a serious run at then-free agent Manny Ramirez: He's already squawking about leaving the Dogs

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