It's a Quick Read 31: Weekend and Monday Edition

Orange County Register: Andrew Thomas Gallo, 22, San Gabriel, is scheduled to be arraigned today on murder charges stemming from the Fullerton car crash that claimed the lives of Nick Adenhart, also 22 and an Angels rookie; Courtney Frances Stewart, 20, Diamond Bar; and Henry Niguel Pearson, 25, Manhattan Beach. Lone survivor Jon Wilhite remains hospitalized. . . .  The Angels says they are not shopping for a new pitcher in light of losing Adenhart. . . . In light of the way Adenhart died just hours after pitching six scoreless innings for the Halos, perhaps someone should have re-thought this Angels Blog headline: "No Accident Where Beckett's Pitch Went Sunday." . . . Melissa Huckaby, the 28-year-old Sunday school teacher accused of killing an 8-year-old girl in Tracy, grew up in La Habra. Report: Santa Ana dropouts may cost the city $105 million.

Los Angeles Times: Santa Ana police are seeking a driver whose car struck and killed a pedestrian. . . . The state's in-home care program is fraud-infected. . . . Governor Schwarzenegger is quietly campaigning for Props 1A through 1F, passage of which is crucial to his legacy. . . . Khmer Rouge survivors face their pasts head on in Long Beach. . . . Elliott: The Ducks are in the playoffs, but how long can they last?


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