It's a Quick Read 24

Orange County Register: Remember that recent lawsuit brought by the Newport Beach cop who claimed to have been passed over for promotions amid rumors and derogatory comments he was gay? Moxley has been blogging all about it. Anyhoo, Buena Park police officer Pedro Montez has filed a suit alleging the same thing--with a Latin twist! CALIENTE! . . . But who'll save the wee mountain lions? Scientists who track cougars (the non-Desperate Housewives kind) say they are apparently becoming more isolated in the Santa Ana Mountains as wild lands disappear--and by "they," I mean the mountain lions, not the scientists. Or desperate housewives. Although . . . Green OC reports on how Backyard B Keepers rescues unwanted bees. Now I wonder where Pat Brennan read that first? . . . The 57 freeway extension lives! (On paper, anyway.) . . . The Walt Disney Family Museum opens this fall . . . in San Francisco? A spokesketeer explains the family had considered other areas, like the greater Los Angeles area where the Disneyland founder met his greatest success, but after his death the brood moved to the Bay Area and took his childhood drawings, movie storyboards and Snow White Oscar with them. So suck it, Anaheim!

Los Angeles Times: Has the Times just stopped trying in Orange County? Here are the only new "scoops" on O.C. Watch since yesterday: Salespeople along "Harbor Boulevard of Cars" in Costa Mesa are bored, and buyers don't like paying higher sales taxes on Duffy electric boats. I've written it before, but feel compelled to re-state this with great emphasis: Sigh. . . . Just beyond our borders: Camp Pendleton Marine Sgt. Ryan Weemer, who is charged with murdering an Iraqi prisoner, says he is tormented by the shooting. . . . Port of Long Beach's $750 million proposed expansion moves closer to passage with release of a final environmental impact report today. . . . JetBlue may cease Long Beach operations. The monicle-wearing fats cats who run the airline apparently don't like trailers for passenger terminals.


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