It's a Quick Read 19

Orange County Register: The alleged boobie bandit turned herself in. Based on the MySpace photo the Reg includes, the woman police say stole an indentity to pay for cosmetic surgery is the one who got ripped off. Hey, Yvonne Pampellone, Melissa Rivers called and she wants her face back. . . . America's shrillest shark, Gloria Allred, says Octo-Mom's children are endangered, and Nadya Suleman only cares about them when the cameras are rolling. . . . Hang zero? A 16-year-old Afghan land-mine victim, who lost both legs and came to Loma Linda for medical care, surfed Seal Beach before heading home. . . . Cypress Police say a con man swindled a 79-year-old Korean War veteran out of $19,000. . . . Dining with cartoon characters is getting more expensive as five Disneyland restaurants have raised prices 13 percent to 20 percent. The way the economy is going, we'll soon be eating those characters. Try The Rat with a frisky pinot, it's scrumptuous!

Los Angeles Times: The big local story of the day? A Mission Viejo jewelry store smash and grab--courtesy of (The Times, like the Register and our R. Scott Moxley, also has the probation recommendation of six years in prison for ex-Sheriff Mike Carona.) . . . Irvine-based Fisker Automotive has signed up 32 dealers to peddle its $87,900 Karma plug-in hybrids.


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