It's a Quick Read 18: Gone Since Friday Edition

Orange County Register: Miss me? Great economic news! Pier 1 Imports will only close 80 or so stores, not the 125 anticipated originally. . . . The California Energy Commission is considering a ban on big screen televisions. It's not the pollution network programmers spew that is spurring the proposal but a desire to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. . . . Who says Santa Ana is not welcoming? Its city jail will soon house more immigrant detainees. . . . Signature gathering has been approved for a state initiative to repeal Prop 8 and make gay marriage legal in the Golden State. . . . Phong Thuc Tran, who was suspected of killing two gas company workers, died in an Orange hospital Saturday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Los Angeles Times: The swallows apparently are not returning to San Juan Capistrano any more. They wear the same colors, have their own lingo and menace eaves: Maybe they fear prosecution under the gang injunction? . . . Holy crap! The Ducks might actually make the playoffs. . . . Dept. of the Very Sad: The Times sent photographer Mark Boster to shoot an explosion at a Rancho Santa Margarita plastic manufacturing plant, but the accompanying words come from an Associated Press story. . . . Dept. of the Very Sad, Parts 2 and 3: For stories on two OC doctors facing disciplinary actions for allegedly botching plastic surgeries and the latest Octo-Mom exploits, the Times leaves its coverage to its Tribune-owned local television partner,  


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