It's a Quick Read 17

Orange County Register: South Coast Plaza shoppers are oblivious to President Obama's visit two miles away. If they can still afford South Coast Plaza, they are oblivious to his message, too. . . . Another Kobe Bryant court appearance, another dismissal. This time he was getting out of jury duty. Whew! No need to buy the wife a diamond. . . . Aliso Niguel High School security supervisor and part-time basketball coach Thomas Cole pleaded guilty to having sex with a teen girl and is expected to get a year in the pokey. Check out McDreamy's photo, ladies! Looks like hunky comic Jim Norton. . . . Fong Tran, a 36-year-old Westminster man suspected in the slayings of two Southern California Gas Co. employees, shot himself outside an Anaheim police station and is in critical condition with a head wound. . . . Memorial services are set for clothier Charles "Mask" Jewis Jr. at Crystal Cathedral in April. That will mark the first MMA-related event at the glass house since the epic battle between Schullers Sr. and Jr.

Los Angeles Times: Check out the real McDreamy's photo, ladies! And he's available! . . . The U.S. won't prosecute medical pot sales as Attorney General Eric Holder reverses the Bush administration's zero tolerance for get-well cannabis. Why that calls for another--cough-cough--polite golf clap? . . . An11-year-old Mexican girl residing illegally with her mother in Huntington Beach will be allowed to stay in the country during a custody battle. The sound you just heard was Barbara Coe's head exploding. . . . Vo Duong Tran, a 41-year-old former FBI agent from New Orleans, was convicted in federal court on charges related to the botched home-invasion robbery in Fountain Valley. . . . Bobby Shriver, the Santa Monica city councilman, key player in the successful battle to stop the Foothill-South toll road extension over state parkland and brother of California first lady Maria, is thinking of jumping in to the state's 2010 attorney general's race.

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