It's 420 All Weekend at the 2010 Kush Expo

Displays, consumer accessories, free stuff, military/veteran discounts and good vibes await visitors of the 2010 Kush Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center opening today at 2 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m. 

After the jump, proof that you are being invited to the affair by a stoner . . .

"PARTY & LEARN all at the same time!" writes a Yelper advancing the expo. "Hear the debates on PROP 19 in the recent exections . . ."

It's 420 All Weekend at the 2010 Kush Expo

Okay, let's break this down:

1.) Leave it to potheads to hold a debate on the legalization initiative AFTER the recent election.

B.) "Exections?" Is that slang for a losing election?

Pass the bong, McConaughey. Seriously, walk past the bong before posting your invite.

For more enlightened info, we recommend:, which informs tickets are $15, that this will be the biggest such event to descend on Orange County and that a "420 Smoking Area" has been set aside--and it's directly across the street from that massive 420 Smoking Area known as the Disney Resort!

You'll find info on or examples of: dispensaries/collectives, hydroponics, paraphernalia, vaporizers, grow expertise, growing equipment, nutrients/chemicals/fertilizers, seeds, clubs/associations, apparel, publications, artists, glass art, graphic/web design, lawyers and doctors.

A Led Zeppelin tribute band, a Pink Floyd tribute band and Mystic Roots Band perform.


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