It's 4:20: Do You Know Where Grandma and Gramps Are?

It's 4:20: Do You Know Where Grandma and Gramps Are?

The Associated Press has a fascinating story about a group of senior citizen stoners who live in Orange County's biggest retirement community, Laguna Woods. Apparently, 150 residents tried to form their own medical marijuana collective, but were stymied by the Golden Rain Foundation, a volunteer organization that functions like a homeowners association. When the old folks learned they wouldn't be permitted to grow cannabis plants in their gardens there, however, they refused to give up.

State law says anyone with a doctor's recommendation for marijuana can grow and possess up to six flowering plants. So given that they couldn't grow and possess their plants at their own homes or in Laguna Wood's communal gardens, the elderly pot-smokers, many of whom suffer from chronic pain and serious illnesses, banded together and started a garden in a rented greenhouse.

Unfortunately, someone screwed up the lighting and presto chango, all the plants turned into dried oregano. Following that fiasco, the group switched tactics, contracting with a Los Angeles grower, but the coppers raided his warehouse and destroyed the plants. So now, the ganja-smoking grandmas and grandpas have two separate greenhouses, the locations of which they're smartly keeping secret, working over time to grow some buds.

All the predictable wrinkly weed smoker jokes aside, one member of the collective, Margo Bouer, did tell AP why having access to cannabis is important to her--she takes a few tokes once a month to fight "vomiting and nausea caused by multiple sclerosis," which has made her wheelchair bound. "I was really uncomfortable about this," Bouer said of her new habit. "But I don't have any nausea now. It helps me live--and I wasn't ready to go on living much longer."


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