Italo Rajot Boone Gets 6 Years in Prison and Lifetime as Sex Offender for Pimping Teen

Justice came swift for Italo Rajot Boone, who was arrested Feb. 27 for forcing a 15-year-old runaway into prostitution, taking her from a San Jose bus depot to an Anaheim hotel where she was forced to give blowjobs and turn all the money she earned over to the pimp.

Boone, 34, of Oakland, pleaded guilty Friday to one felony count of pandering and was sentenced to six years in state prison and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Had Boone pleaded not guilty but then been convicted at trial of the five felony counts and misdemeanor he was originally facing, he could have received a 15-year prison sentence.

After meeting the girl in San Jose sometime in February, Boone bought her a bus ticket to Anaheim on Feb. 25. Before having her turn tricks, Boone repeatedly had oral sex and sexual intercourse with her.

Anaheim Police received a tip from San Jose Police Feb. 27 about the teen runaway. Investigators then found an online listing for the girl's services. An undercover cop posing as a client contacted her and arranged a meeting in her hotel room in the 1700 block of South Harbor Boulevard. Police discovered the room had been reserved under Boone's name.

After a knock on the hotel door, Boone opened it, spotted a uniformed police officer and bolted, but he was soon captured by a canine cop and taken into custody. The girl revealed Boone forced her to blow several men over three weeks.

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