Is the April Fools' Joke Democrats' Dana Rohrabacher Not-an-April-Fools' Joke?

The following just arrived from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, whose "House Republican Hypocrisy Hall of Fame" now includes Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach). Sounds like a certain Surfin' Congresswoman is going to have to shop for an evening gown to wear to the induction ceremony, based on the DCCC's release:

Not an April Fools' Day Joke: Representative Dana Rohrabacher Caught Trying to Take Credit for Jobs She Voted Against

How's this for an April Fools' Day joke? Imagine 128 House Republicans, including Representative Dana Rohrabacher which is more than 70 percent of the entire Republican caucus, trying to claim credit for economic recovery efforts in their districts they voted against. Only this is no April Fools' Day joke. This hypocrisy is for real.  

"So far 128 House Republicans, including Representative Dana Rohrabacher, have tried to claim credit for creating jobs they tried to stop and the only thing missing is the part when they yell April Fools!" said Ryan Rudominer, National Press Secretary, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Representative Dana Rohrabacher is still trying to have it both ways by trying to take credit for President Obama's economic recovery policies that she voted against but even on April Fools' Day, voters will see what a joke her hypocrisy is." 

But wait, there's more . . .

Dana Rohrabacher (CA-46): Representative Rohrabacher wrote a letter to Secretary Lahood supporting a TIGER Grant application for  California State University Long Beach's effort to deliver "seriously-needed local economic development and surface transportation infrastructure improvements to the University and surrounding community."  [The Stimulus Vote, MSNBC, 3/19/10]

Uh--Ryan is it?--there's another glaring joke evident in your headline and little write-up. Let's just say it involves the lack of a penis--or lack of a lack thereof.

But please give the working girl a break: she did carry triplets, after all. 

And a word to the wise: Do NOT let Dana's husband Rhonda find out about this. Dude is buffed. In the words of the late, great Gary Busey, The Rhondanator will gladly pull your endocrine system out of your lilly liberal bodies.

Finally, love the blond wig, Dana.

Does the carpet match the drapes?


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