Is Sheriff Carona tied to that totaled Ferrari?

Like the rest of Southern California, the western hemisphere and the Free World, this Imitation NASCAR Sportswatch has been fascinated by the case of the rare Ferrari Enzo that crashed in Malibu a couple months back. Suspected driver Bo Stefan M. Eriksson hasn't even gone to court yet, and this thing's already a miniseries waiting to be filmed: alcohol, the Swedish mob, DNA evidence, Scotland Yard, a Bel-Air estate, fake Homeland Security officers, an apparently illegally imported exotic car collection, a video game company the suspect may have helped drive into the ground, claims by Eriksson that he was the deputy commissioner of tiny San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority's police squad, a real rap sheet on Eriksson that includes assault, counterfeiting and drug crimes, and, the worst possible offense of all: dude may be an illegal alien! RELEASE THE HOUNDS! This you-couldn't-make-this-shit-up- while-even-on-the-strongest-shrooms tale even includes a German mystery driver who does or does not exist. The Weekly's own Theo Douglas localized the story in one of his finely tuned Trendzilla columns, when early reports suggested the mysterious Ferrari had been dusted by a Mercedes SLR, a rare racing win that had the Mercedes Design Labcoats in Irvine popping corks. But there was another local tidbit buried in today's Los Angeles Times story on the charges against Eriksson. Authorities found in his possession a .357-caliber handgun, which is a no-no because Eriksson is a convicted felon in Sweden. But the Times reports the suspect's attorney, David Elden, claims the firearm belongs to an Orange County deputy sheriff, not his client. When the Times followed up with (but apparently did not press) the Orange County Sheriff's Department, officials there clammed up. By declining to comment instead of flat out denying the gun is one of theirs, the OCSD is leaving open the possibility that Eriksson's attorney is telling the truth. And when you consider the history of nuttiness by comrades and financial backers who Mike Carona has handed badges and gun permits to, including his martial-arts instructor who went all Michael Douglas in Falling Down on a golf course, this is one story from which the Sheriff would probably like to keep his name out.


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