Is Scientology's Orange County Org Looking at Your File?

Orange County Scientologists are getting the word out about the happenings in Hubbardville, one YouTube video at a time. Check out ocidealorg's channel!

One video in particular is titled "The Central Files: The Quest For an Ideal Org."

After the jump, watch Scientologists sift through the files of thousands of visitors to its location at Red Hill Avenue and Irvine Boulevard in Tustin. Faithful readers will recall that a Sea Org member told me once that the church keeps records of everyone who has come through the door.

The church is looking to build its

Ideal Org





streets at the former

Santa Ana Performing Arts and Event Center


So, why would the church need to go over thousands of files? A) To contact folks and find out if they need help during these tough financial times? B) To trim the official membership roll, because someone went on to the big auditing room in the sky? C) To contact folks, see how they're doing, and, oh, I dunno, mention a building project in need of funding?

Now, in saving me work and thus giving me more time to take smoke breaks, Village Voice editor Tony Ortega has posted several OC Org videos, including one of a Christmas party/fundraiser where one can watch Scientologists, as Mack 10 would say, "get they boogie on", and scramble to an easel to write down their financial pledges.

Check 'em out.

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