Larry the Loco?
Larry the Loco?

Is Nativo Lopez Finally, Certifiably Batshit Loco?

What the hell is going on with disgraced SanTana pol Nativo Lopez? Last we heard, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office was accusing him of voter fraud--not with illegals this time, but by votes he cast in LA while supposedly still living in OC. You'd think it was a straightforward case--but, as anything involving the man, the legal proceedings have turned into an opportunity for Nativo's grandstanding, appropriating from actual civil rights icons, and just plain strangeness.

Yesterday, Lopez was sent to jail by a judge for contempt of court because he refuses to state whether he wants to represent himself or agree to a lawyer. This legal stalling forced the judge to question his mental competency a couple of weeks ago, but the latest move has seemingly sent Nativo into the land of the cuckoos.

"He is being held with the most dangerous prisoners and was forced to get naked and watched and video taped by three female guards," stated a letter sent out by his organization, the Mexican American Political Organization and signed by his wife and daughter. "He has decided to begin a hunger strike. We need your help and support during this moment and need help spreading the word. Please notify any media and come out and show your support. This is extremely unjust and we must get him out of prison and make everyone aware of what is going on."

What's sad--or funny, according to your opinion of Larry--is that in the past, such a call for action would've been heeded by OC's Latino community. In the past, Nativo could could on Los Amigos, MALDEF, LULAC, and all the usual suspects to back him in lawsuits, fights, and the like. Now? No one wants to be connected with him except the blindest of raza.

But the hunger strike? A bit much, no? Just continuing his attempt to recast himself as a modern-day Gandhi. Guess what, Larry? YOU'RE NOT.


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