Is Howard F. Ahmanson Reading Navel Gazing?

*Updated, with new information on the bottom...

Over the Labor Day weekend, someone claiming to be Christian fundie financier Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr. left the following comment on my previous post about local conservative blabbermouth Hugh Hewitt being in cahoots with Ahmanson to end gay marriage in California. The comment also addressed a previous post about how Ahmanson also gave money to Lou Correa, who has a spotty record on gay rights:

Dear Ask a Mexican,

I think I was wrong now in what I said about "if we found a society today that" etc. etc. I don't like to denounce the Bible - for us historic Christians, what the Bible says, Jesus says - but in this day and age stoning is simply wrong. And it gets in the way of people's recovery. We now know a lot about how to help in the recovery of people with homosexual problems, just as we do with alcoholics and drug addicts. They have no hope of recovery if they are stoned to death! And there is nothing hateful toward homosexuals, alcoholics, or drug addicts about recovery. And besides, you tell me what punishment you think should be inflicted on rich guys who put away the mothers of their children in favor of trophy wives. A lot of them, by the way, Republicans. It's hypocritical to punish homosexual activity more severely than however we punish that!

As for Lou Correa, I'm not sure where he is on Prop 8. I supported him because he's been on the right side of the eminent-domain-for-urban-redevelopment issue. I. e. he's against it. And if anything I think I ought to be congratulated for having interests outside the culture war issues.

And, Mr. Wab, I might like to point out to you that in 2000 Mexicans voted for Prop 22 in a higher percentage than gabachos. And they're going to do it again. I personally kind of hope Prop 8 loses among the gabachos but wins because of the Mexicans. And there's a real good chance that's going to happen. One of many reasons you don't find me on the nativist side of things, even though there's a lot of temptation on the right to go nativist. It's wrong, and besides it's folly. If you're going to run as a nativist, do it before the Other come to town, not after!

Paz, Howard

Now, we get many commentators claiming to be celebrities on Navel Gazing--Pope Benedict XVI visits us a lot, along with Jesus, disgraced ex-sheriff Mike Carona, space aliens, and even the deceased Pope John Paul I. Needless to say, I initially dismissed the Ahmanson commentator as a fraud. But further digging on the commentator makes me believe this Ahmanson is the real deal.

The ISP listed for the Ahmanson comment has its origins in the super-ritzy parts of Newport Beach, where Ahmanson lives. The email listed in the comment has the same domain that employees of Ahmanson's Fieldstead and Co. philanthropic enterprise use. Even crazier, someone with the same email sent me an ¡Ask a Mexican! question (not racist or homophobic!)*. Either this is Ahmanson, or an incredibly astute troll. I lean toward the former, especially since the comment "Ahmanson" left apologizes for his infamous quote to Orange County Register reporter Peter Larsen that "It would still be a little hard to say that if one stumbled on a country that was [stoning adulterers and homosexuals], that it is inherently immoral, to stone people for these things," and most trolls don't try to redeem the person they're imitating. The comment also mentions eminent domain, historically an Ahmanson pet peeve that only the biggest political nerds would know.

Let's say it is Ahmanson (and we've sent an email to confirm) and say HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Ahmanson rarely grants press interviews, let alone leave comments with his name on some wacky blog. Even more so, the Ahmanson who left the comment above seems actually reasonable (especially with his anti-Mexican-bashing) save for his stance on homosexuality, which still is retrograde--seriously, Howard: Homosexual recovery? Do you also give money to Exodus International?

We can ask Ahmanson a lot of questions, but instead we leave it to readers to leave their comments and preguntas to Ahmanson on this post! Our only question: who taught you the word gabacho?

*UPDATE: Got an email confirmation--IT IS the real Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr. Leave questions, people--the man is reading!

*We can easily give out Ahmanson's IP and email to let ustedes have at it with the man, but we choose not to. Unlike Ahmanson, we don't like to involve others in someone else's private matters.


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