Is Attack on Transgendered Student at Long Beach State Related to La Voz de Aztlan's Homophobia? is reporting that a transgendered student told campus police at Long Beach State that they were attacked April 15 in a school bathroom. Why it took a website instead of the school to reveal this information A GODDAMN WEEK LATER remains to be discovered, but let's start throwing stones at the website that has brought a nasty homophobic atmosphere recently to Long Beach St.: La Voz de Aztlan.

As I reported earlier this month

, the gay-bashing, Jew-trashing website recently slandered Chicana students at Long Beach St. for daring to hold a conference on feminism. Its readers left death threats against lesbian students, and La Voz head/only pendejo Hector Carreon blamed the Jews for homosexuality in his piece of Internet


. This isn't the first time Carreon and his minions have resorted to violent threats to advance their retrograde Chicanismo:

they've left death threats against me

on Navel Gazing and will throw

all types of homophobic nonsense

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at people who call out Carreon and his goons for their idiocies.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim, and eternal hate toward La Voz de Pendejos for giving Know Nothings more ballast for their arguments...

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