Irvine Women Ranked Among Top Earners in the Nation from Online Auctions of First Dates

Ladies in Irvine auction off first dates to the highest bidder--who knew? knows, having ranked the land of bland No. 10 on its list of "Top 13 Cities Where Women Date-for-Dollars." Irvine got the nod because during the first week of May, 56 women from the city joined the website to sell first dates. Average bid price: $126.

"'s recent female growth in Irvine proves that women are willing to invest into a first-date if the opportunity gives a worthwhile incentive," says Brandon Wade, the site's founder and CEO, in an email. "With an average first-date offer of $126, women clearly value every worthy chance at falling in love."

Or they value every opportunity to fatten the wallet. Irvine is a pricey place to live, after all. And if making rent means staring at some loser across the table who paid you $126 to go out for cold pasta and house pinot, who are we to judge?

Here is the list with the top cities, the average bid for women and the number of new sign-ups the first week of May:

1. Philadelphia, PA - $139 - 81 2. San Diego - $125 - 78 3. Portland, Oregon - $139 - 77 4. Minneapolis, MN - $112 - 74 5. St. Louis, MO - $128 - 70 6. Boise, ID - $122 - 69 7. Raleigh, NC - $141 - 65 8. Lincoln, NE - $135 - 60 9. Marietta, GA - $127 - 59 10. Irvine, CA - $126 - 56 11. Oklahoma City, OK - $170 - 54 12. Newark, DE - $133 - 53 13. Atlantic City, NJ $162 - 48, which bills itself as "the world's only dating-auction website" and claims to have 650,000 members, reports it experienced a growth of 6,170 new female sign-ups during the first week of May, "one of the largest weekly increases ever for this demographic."

The national average first date price for both sexes on the site is $80, but it's $120 for females only, with those ages 21 to 26 being the top earners.

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