Irvine Officials Claim They Fear Rush To Build Great Park, Seek More Public Money

Adam Elmahrek over at the Voice of OC published an informative article today on the latest skirmishes over the controversial development of Orange County's non-existent, so-called "Great Park" in Irvine.

City officials--who have tripped over themselves for years to create one of California's most corrupt, languishing public works projects--claim, according to Elmahrek, that the private real estate developer hoping to build a residential community on a portion of the property is rushing the project to completion.

Here's the key line from the Voice article: "City officials say FivePoint Communities [the real estate developer] is attempting to fast-track the approvals and critics say the project is being jammed through."

Back to Earth: "Fast-track" and "jammed through" are not the first descriptions that come to mind when anyone reasonable thinks about the proposed Great Park that is already supposed to have breathtaking public buildings and sports facilities.

In coming months, Irvine officials can celebrate that their alleged fast track worries never materialized.

They've managed the former military base for a whopping 10 years without any meaningful accomplishments--other than hoisting that gravity-defying Orange balloon over the property and diverting hundreds of millions of public dollars into the pockets of their own political consultants in no-bid contract scams.

You can read the extensive Voice article HERE.

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