IRS Nabs Costa Mesa Tax Preparer For Claiming False Deductions

IRS Nabs Costa Mesa Tax Preparer For Claiming False Deductions

Based on an Internal Revenue Service investigation and a 50-count federal grand jury indictment issued this week, authorities today arrested a Costa Mesa tax preparer in Prescott, Arizona.

Ronald Vernon Strawn, 67, will face charges that he fraudulently prepared income tax forms that focused on manufacturing false deductions, according to the IRS criminal division.

The Tax Man isn't happy because Strawn allegedly listed more than $6.5 million in fake business losses on at least 50 tax returns, the IRS claims.

The government's statement on the case does not specify the period of the alleged false filings.

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Strawn, who was caught cheating in 2008, now faces 150 years in prison and a $5 million fine if he is convicted by Assistant United States Attorney Todd T. Tristan.

For all of you thinking about cheating on next week's filing, consider this: Leslie P. DeMarco, IRS Special Agent in Los Angeles, says think again or risk serious consequences.

Last month, I broke the news that another Costa Mesa income tax preparer, "Sal the 1040 Gal," got sentenced to a 10-month prison term for filing fraudulent tax deductions as well as stealing her client's tax refunds.

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