Introducing OC's New Chief Probation Officer

The Orange County Board of Supervisors appointed Steve J. Sentman as the new chief probation officer on Tuesday, beating out qualified candidates from California, Arizona, Florida, Minnesota and North Carolina. His reward: a $169,998 annual salary.

Sentman is currently the chief deputy probation officer for the Field Operations Bureau (By golly, the county's man was right under their nose the whole time!). He's held previous positions in the Orange County Probation Department, including director of Juvenile Hall, and director of the Los Piños Conservation Camp.

"Sentman has also worked in adult and juvenile supervision, the gang violence suppression unit and the special enforcement unit," says the press release.

Sentman's new status is effective April 23. He'll be replacing Colleene Preciado, who is set to retire in April after 35 years on the job.

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