Interview with a laid-off OC Register staffer

Ex-Register columnist Mayrav Saar at Fishbowl LA talks to Greg Magnus, a photographer, videographer and victim in the latest round of cuts. Her question for him: "What the fuck?"

His response:

I was having a cup of coffee around 10a when my cell phone rang. It was John Fabris and he asked if I was in the building. I figured he wanted to talk to me about the meeting beforehand, but when he asked "Can you come down to HR room 128?" I knew I was basically done.

In HR 128 was John Fabris, Brenda Shoun and an HR woman I had never met. She said "I don't think I've met you before," shook my hand and then asked me to close the door. From here, details get fuzzy. I think John told me that due to "cost-cutting" measures I was being let go and today was my last day. The HR lady took over from there and talked about COBRA and holiday pay. They gave me a severance package folder and form that I did not sign.

They asked for my camera, laptop, etc., none of which I had since I was about to leave for the San Diego airport and my bags were packed and in the car. I went home and started to pack up my gear when I decided to read my severance "agreement." It said I had 21 days to comply, so I called Fabris and left a message telling him I was leaving and he could get my gear later. He called me back and said if it would be easier, someone could come by and pick it up... He never did listen to me.

So that's it. No warning, no real notice, basically suckered into work on my day off to be let go. As far as I can tell, only a handful were let go. And, as far as I know, I was the only involuntary departure.

Read the full thing here.


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