Insta-Feedback to the New Website

The names have been withheld to protect our incense. Your Favorite Time-Waster's answers--not that anyone asked for them--appear in groovy italics:

Where did the link to the personals.ocweekly go on the home page?

With the new website format instituted today, WHAT HAPPENED to ARCHIVES? I fail to find the earlier "Ask A Mexican" colums. Not happy about that!

The suits--if an alt.-weekly's suits can be called suits--decided it was better to get the site up now can catch everything up on the fly than to wait until everything was perfect. That way your helpful comments could be rolled into our to-do lists, which we've promptly thrown in the trash. We here in the Clocktower especially appreciate the suits choosing to do this right before fucking CHRISTMAS!, which is, of course, the least stressful time of the year. And they wonder why we're godless heathens!

One problem - throws away all search engines. Instead of getting the specific story you just get the home page.

We are indeed throwings them away, but not until our all new improved search engine is up, hopefully in days, not weeks.

I miss how the old site lets you search for restaurants according to different categories (such as cities).

Wow, me too! A new improved dining thingie is also in the pipeline. Or is it on that to-do list we threw away? Or did we just roll something in it and smoke it? Rememberin's hard!

You took something simple and made it complicated Thanks

You're very welcome.

I don't like the new format. I find it hard to get where I want to go, and once there it doesn't seem to work. I accessed adult, escorts, and got page one, but when I clicked next I didn't get the next page, it took me back to the home page.

That you could do that with one hand is breathtaking!

(Crap, that came off snarkier than a T.J. Simers' column!)

Finally, you know how we don't like to boast, but we would like to direct your attention to this review from our blood brothers and sistahs at OC Blog. Thanks for the kind words, which, of course, we fully understand will be retracted the next time we say something stupid, especially if it's about you.


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