Ocampo: You people hate capitalism
Ocampo: You people hate capitalism

Inmate: Is It Really A Crime For 33YO Man To Have Sex With 13YO Girl?

Orange County's Guillermo Ocampo still doesn't understand all the fuss about his sex life.

Ocampo admits that for several months he repeatedly used a female for nearly every type of imaginable sex and kept a video of her in a compromising, derogatory position on his cellphone.

In Ocampo's mind, the sex--including masturbating on her face and painful sodomy--was fair, due compensation for him allowing her to stay in his Stanton home and regularly ingest his methamphetamine.

So what if the girl was just 13 years old?

Though 20 years older, he claims the middle school girl, a runaway, voluntarily provided him sex in exchange for his services.

Such a mutually satisfying arrangement cannot be considered rape, he claims.

For Ocampo, the trouble is that police, prosecutors, judges and juries don't accept an adult male having sex with a minor under any circumstances in California.

That's why today he's in prison and complaining about the unfairness of the criminal justice system.

In late May, U.S. District Court Judge Beverly Reid O'Connell, a President Barack Obama appointee, considered the hoodlum's cries about his 2009 convictions and deemed them, as a state appellate court in Santa Ana had previously, legally worthless.

Upshot: Ocampo, 38 and a member of California's Three Strikes club, will continue to serve his 480-year prison sentence inside the lovely confines of Kern Valley State Prison.


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