Candy Ass Hanson: So stupid he can't even beat up a Mexican
Candy Ass Hanson: So stupid he can't even beat up a Mexican

In Praise of the Slater Slums

I had dinner last night with my best friend, a guy I've known since seventh grade, when he moved to Anaheim from Huntington Beach. Specifically, the Oak View neighborhood, universally known in HB as the Slater Slums due to its high Latino population and many apartments. I asked if he had heard about the idiotic racists who dared go into the neighborhood with the specific intent of assaulting a Mexican.

"No," he said with a laugh. "What fucking pendejos would do that?"

Four of them, actually. Police have already arrested Michael Powell, 21, of Anaheim, and Bret Hicks, 30 of Riverside for attempted murder and are looking for Erin Brooks, 24, of Huntington Beach, and Brian Hanson, 26. They apparently went into the Slater Slums last month with the specific intent of beating up a Mexican and did, stabbing a poor soul three times. But how stupid were these cowards, thinking gabachos with white supremacist tattoos could get away with assaulting a Mexican in a Mexican neighborhood?

Not only did neighbors come out to save the victim from certain death, but they proceeded to kick neo-Nazi ass. Look at the booking photo for Hanson. HAHAHA. Not only are you probably going to spend a long time in prison surrounded by Mexicans, but Mexicans also kicked your candy ass. Morale of the story: if you're a white supremacist and want to beat up Mexicans, do it in Seal Beach or Ladera Ranch, not in a barrio. Dipshits.


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