In-N-Out Rules

Bob Aul

You were the In-N-Out crew in Fullerton that was working on a recent Sunday afternoon. I placed my order, and when I got to the pay window, I had to cancel because I had forgotten my wallet. Of course, I wasn't happy I would have to wait another five to 10 minutes, at the least, before exiting the drive-thru line, but there was nothing to do except tolerate the frustrating fact that everyone else was getting their food and I wasn't. When I got to the pick-up window, the attendant pleasantly handed me a bag of food and nonchalantly said, "Just come back later to pay." A few hours later, my husband took the receipt in and paid. There was a different crew working the evening shift, but they were all surprised and excited that he returned to pay. A couple of the managers made it a point to personally thank my husband and shook his hand repeatedly. Of course, we were very appreciative about the kind gesture, but we couldn't believe their incredible display of gratitude. Amazing customer service at In-N-Out in Fullerton!

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