Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

palms.jpgLike most people over the age of 14, I was pleasantly surprised when Fox canceled "The OC." But I must say, I was downright shocked to discover that desert residents are genuinely excited about the new Palm Springs-based, teeny-bopper television soap opera "Hidden Palms."

The Desert Sun newspaper wrote a little dilly about the new show debuting tonight, and how it is generating a positive buzz around the community - despite it's admittance that Palm Springs is a shit hole.

"'Hidden Palms,' the long-awaited CW series about Palm Springs, has local tourism officials excited about the youth-oriented depiction of its city.

But tonight's season debut calls Palm Springs, 'not exactly the most happening place.'

'It's all retired gays, grays and streets named after dead people,' says a character who is supposed to be junior at the local high school."

Apparently Palm Spring-ians are hoping that the show will do for their tired old city what "The OC" did for Orange County.

Be careful what you wish for Palm Springs. Pretty soon you'll have your own "Real Housewives" show and then you'll be sorry just like we are.

To read the entire article click here.


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