I'm Not Dead Yet

Christina Shea had one of those gut-check moments when Orange County Great Park Corp. board clerk Steve Larsen read the roll at this morning's regular meeting at Irvine City Hall.

"How come you didn't call my name?" Shea asked defensively. Last month's defeat in the mayoral race against Sukhee Kang leaves her with only two years remaining on the Irvine City Council and Great Park board before she will be termed out.

After Larsen corrected his mistake, Shea was quick to remind, "I haven't left yet."

That produced hearty laughter from the gathering, two-thirds of which were bureaucrats, board members and/or elected officials. Rumors of a creepy "BWAA-HAH-HAH" from the section of the council dais darkened by Shea's mortal enemies Larry Agran and Beth Krom are greatly exaggerated.


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