If you build it, they will crash

On December 2004, a small plane collided with a 700-foot KFI radio tower located less than two miles from the Fullerton Municipal Airport. This resulted in the deaths of the two people on board. The tower-- located in La Mirada, near Fullerton-- has been down ever since.

Fast forward to October 2007: It seems that city officials in La Mirada are willing to delay the re-construction of a 684-foot tower on the exact same spot while the FAA reviews safety concerns brought up by the City of Fullerton and FMA officials.

FAA officials and Clear Channel (which owns KFI) have already managed to give the issue a couple of Orwellian twists and turns: In a 2006 letter, Kevin Haggerty, FAA manager of obstruction evaluation services, asserted that the new antenna would have “no greater substantial adverse effect” on that little corner of airspace. In other words, it won't pose a bigger threat. . .it will simply continue to pose the same threat.

Clear Channel has also made some interesting claims in support of the project, pointing out that the 684-foot monstrosity is “more than just a tower,” but also a “primary service provider” to the State Office of Emergency Services. Hmmm. . .one has to wonder if the pilots of future collisions will be able to use that emergency channel to call for help as they tumble towards their fiery death.


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